Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Symbolic Designs Would be on Your Belt?

In Chapter 6, Jon Krakauer describes the leather belt that Chris carved with Ron Franz.  Krakauer writes:  For his first project McCandless produced a tooled leather belt, on which he created an artful pictorial record of his wanderings.  ALEX inscribed at the belt's left end; then the intials C.J.M. (for Christopher Johnson McCandless) frame a skull and crossbones.  Across the strip of cowhide one sees a rendering of a two-lane blacktop, a NO U-TURN sign, a thunderstorm producing a flash flood that engulfs a car, a hitchhiker's thumb, an eagle, the Sierra Nevada, salmon cavorting in the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon to Washington, the Rocky Mountains, Montana wheat fields, a South Dakota rattlesnake, Westerberg's house in Carthage, the Colorado River, a gale in the Gulf of California, a canoe beached beside a tent, Las Vegas, the initials T.C.D., Morro Bay, Astoria, and at the buckle end, finally, the letter N (presumably representing north). 

Now if you were going to design your own leather belt or some other creative object and carve or paint symbols on it about your life journey so far and in the near future, what eight symbols would best represent your journey and personality?  Describe your object and the symbols as they connect to you in one creative paragraph.  Add an appropriate image, if you can.  

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